2012 Budget Workshops

Sewer rates, staff salaries bumped up

By Jason Miller
posted 11.15.11

Concrete entered budget season with workshops held one hour prior to the council’s regular meetings on Sept. 12 and 26, and Oct. 11 and 24.

2012 utility rates and fees
A number of changes were made to the town’s rate and fee schedules. Special events charges were broken down into categories:

  • Special event with water: $35
  • Special event with electricity: $40
  • Special event with water and electricity: $45

Nonprofit organizations were given a $10 break across the board for event fees, while street carnivals and circuses were bumped up by $10 to $35 per day.

Some Concrete residents have illegally turned their water valves back on after the water has been shut off because of nonpayment, so council members stiffened the penalty for the third and subsequent occurrences. A theft-of-services warning is first issued, then:

  • First occurrence: $500
  • Second occurrence: $750
  • Third and future occurrences: $1,000

The sewer rate for in-town residential and churches was increased from $67.78 per month to $68.50 per month. For in-town businesses and schools, the rate bumped from $71.98 to $72.98. No changes were made to commercial rates.

2012 salaries and benefits
At its Oct. 24 budget workshop, the council gave all salaried town staff members a 5 percent raise for 2012.

Council members based their decision on the 2012 budget provided by Clerk Treasurer Andrea Fichter, who did not include short-term revenue streams such as the approximately $176,000 the town will receive in 2011 and 2012 for the PSE power house construction project. Other factors included savings realized by switching insurance providers and the small (1 percent) raise staff were given for 2011.

Fire Chief Rich Philips’ monthly pay was raised from $208 to $300 to more fairly compensate him for the number of hours he averages per week.

The weekend and holiday hourly rate for sewer plant work was increased from $14 to $20.

November budget workshops will be held Nov. 14 and 28, at 6 p.m., at Town Hall. A Dec. 12 workshop likely will be the last one for the year.

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